How to cook Special Chrysanthemum wine Vietnam

Special Chrysanthemum wine Vietnam "Hoa cúc" is planted in many Northern provinces such as Hung yen, Thai Binh, Ha Nam provinces and other places

On September 9 on the lunar calendar, which is the sharp time when the chrysanthemum flower blooms and the gardens are abloom with the bright yellow color of the flower.
So the wine artist will choose this day to harvest Hoa Cuc then dry them in shadow, "not in the direct sunlight" for a week then preserve carefully to keep the scent and lovely yellow colour then they put wine in the grass bottle to store underground for 2 years. it is traditonal way to make the wine.
For our absolute way to make the best Hoa Cuc wine is much different, we must work more steps to seperate the flower scent out and cook them with wine in the clay pot, small fire, boiling slightly
Ingredient to prepare before you make the wine is:
Flower - Chrysanthemum, Rice cooked wine, Grass bottle, sugar, herb, clay pot, coal stove..
Step 1: Choose the flower in the morning, still mist stayed
Step 2: Dry in the shade 'avoid direct sunlight" for a week and keep in the grass bottle
Step 3: Use clay pot to Dry chrysanthemum, seperate the scent of flower out
Step 4: Cook the dried flower with strong wine "50 dgree celcus" use a clay pot to cook water boiled slightly for more than 1 hours then sort all the wine-flower water out
Step 5: Use grass bottle to put all wine in and put the cooked wine-flower water in, also all the flowers wrapped in cloth stored for 5 days
Step 6: After 5 days, take out the wrapped flower pack, put additional ingredients such as honey, herb in ..

and use sticky to wrapp the bottle carefully and store in the ground or even in the pool, in the well for more 1 years which enale to drink well.

In the market, some people sell this wine called "Hoàng hoa tửu or rượu hoa cúc" at cheap price since they just get to know how to cut the flower, dry them then put with wine, sugar, that is it! and after some month, even 2 weeks they can drink it well.

For an expert to make Chrysanthemum wine - best quality wine with its scent, we must work out 5 steps carefully and little by little, especially we must choose cooked wine from good rice 

Chrysanthemum wine is drank best in autumn, spring, during special occasions like reunions and departures of family and friends and now during the tet festival. It is often drank in a white, shallow bowl decorated with some flowers to further emphasize the beautiful color and smell of the flower.

Special scent of the Chrysanthemum wine is not easy to describe. The essence of this wine reflects the carefull process of cooking and  good preservation. You are looking for chrysanthemum products, are nt you? just droff an email to us at:, we are happy to help you.

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